Proposal document presentation



Submitting proposals are one of the most important parts of your business. Having an efficient team of office staff who always get the accounts done on time, answer the phone quickly and keep existing customers happy means virtually nothing if you are not able to win new orders and expand the business. When you submit proposals are you merely ‘ticking the boxes’ or do you look back at your proposals with pride, happy that you have as much time and energy into your work as you possibly can? Does the finished proposal look neat, with good handwriting and spelling? Will your proposal look professional when it is picked up and read?

Here at, quality is one of our core values. We believe that quality should be the most important priority for any business. A quality product, a quality team of staff and quality information technology means one thing: a quality business. The quality image your business has will transcend to your suppliers and customers, and your company’s reputation will become synonymous with the word, ‘quality.’ So, when one of your potential customers receives one of your business proposals, they will automatically know that it will be a quality proposal see on specialise in helping businesses submit high quality business proposals that wow their recipients. Our years of experience in dealing with clients operating within a range of industries has helped us to design a range of presentation products which will give your business proposal the professional, stylish appearance that your time and efforts deserve.

Personalised letterheads are experts when it comes to designing business letterheaded paper. Many of our customers want business proposals to be submitted on paper that clearly demonstrates who they are; giving suppliers a taste of their professionalism and the personality of their company. We work closely with our clients to find out what really makes them who they are, and what unique qualities they can bring to any business proposal.

After we have met with you, we go away and work on a series of designs – designs that are suited specifically to who you are and the brand image that you want to promote. Having created a set of designs, we either contact you by telephone, or meet with you again to discuss your preference. At this stage, we are always open to suggestions: it is your company after all that will be promoted! If you have an idea, we are only too happy to take this way and turn it into a finished product, specific to your requirements.

After agreeing on a suitable design, we then produce your letterhead for you – storing all of the designs on a compact disc for you to keep in case you ever want to change your image. We print off an initial stock of 10 pieces of paper, so that you can ensure that you are happy with what was agreed. We then set to work on printing a larger stock of paper, for you to use for whatever purpose you desire.

We hold all of the designs for our clients on file, so that when you run out of letterhead, we can easily and quickly print out a new supply for you. Simply contact us and request a re-order (specifying the quantity that you require) and we will get to work on producing your new batch.

Verbal presentations

When submitting your business proposal, you may be doing so whilst presenting your brand to your potential customers. This often involves using information technology to produce a quality presentation, to really secure that sale!

A new area of the business which has been recently developed by, is our verbal presentation team. We work with customers to ensure that their presentations are interesting and delivered with confidence. If you have an interesting anecdote that relates to how your business has won other sales, or delivered in times of hardship: this can make a fantastic addition to a presentation. However, not everyone has the skills to be able to put this into their presentation. will work with you, to discuss and rehearse the presentation: providing guidance and advice where it is necessary. We have helped deliver some very large-scale and important presentations in the past, and we are very intuitive when it comes to knowing what businesses are looking for. If you have received a specification in which to work to, presentations can be tailored to ensure that you meet this specification. We are industry leaders at helping clients with presentation; both by coming up with content, and by working with you to ensure that you deliver them with confidence and style. It is so important that you keep your audience engaged throughout the time you have available and we have tips and tricks that can help you to do just that.